Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Azhwar entering mangaLAsAsana mandapam

After a brief time, PeriyAzhwar enterted into the mangaLAsAsana mandapam with great joy to perform mangaLAsAsanam to Sri Periyaperumal, Sri Sundararajar, Sri ThiruvEnkatamudaiyan, Sri Thiruthangalappan, Sri Andal samEtha Sri Rangamannar. All devotees was in great joy after watching PeriyAzhwar with folded hands (hastham) coming round the pandhal. Here emperumAns show their sowlabhyam by coming to bhakthA's place to receive mangaLAsAsanam. Usually devotees has to visit His place and perform mangaLAsAsanam on Him. Here emperumAns' from 5 different places comes here to receive mangaLAsAsanam from Azhwar! The beauty is that, Sri Andal who was a daughter of Azhwar, also comes along with Sri Rangamannar as divyadampathi's to receive mangaLAsAsanam.

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