Tuesday, August 21, 2007

MangaLAsAsanam By PeriyAzhwar

Welcome to this blog! AdiyEn would like to share the event of PeriyAzhwar mangaLAsAsanam during Sri Andal ThiruvAdipoora celebrations on Aug 11, 2007 at Sri Villiputtur. The left side picture shows the entrance of the mangaLAsAsana pandhal. The entrance itself was decorated in grand manner. The right side picture shows the pandhal inside where adiyEn eagerly awaited to had the darshana sowbhAgyam of PeriyAzhwar performing mangaLAsAsanam to 5 Perumals including Sri Andal samEtha Sri Rengamannar. The live commentator inside the pandhal, explained the events to be happened. We were gifted to participate in this mangaLAsAsanam event. When Azhwar performed mangaLAsAsanam to EmperumAn as "Pallaandu pallaandu, pallaayirathaandu palakOdi nooraayiram....", we were not there! But now, by the grace of divyadampathi's of Sri Andal sametha Sri Rangamannar, everyone who witnessed that event had the bhAgyam of How Azhwar might had performed mangaLAsAsanams to emperumAn. On this special event, emperumAn from Thiruthangal divyadesam, Kaattazhgar koil (Sri Sundararajar), ThiruvannAmalai(Sri ThiruvEnkatamudaiyan) would arrive from distances to receive mangaLAsAsanam from PeriyAzhwar!! Let's enjoy in the following posts.


kannabiran, RAVI SHANKAR (KRS) said...

Really great pictures and great effort, Senthil.
Your commentary alongsides the divine pictures, takes us to villiputhur, veda kon oor
to enjoy the thirumeni soundaryam of piratti and peruman.

கருட வாகன மாசீனம்
ததா சாயே ஜகத்பதிம்
How blessed to witness a Garuda Seva and lo..here we watched Aindhu Garuda Sevai.
Innumoru NootRaandu Irum!

Here are my series of posts on Tiruvaadi pooram and Garudan. Hope you will like them (in Tamizh)
Garuda Sowkkiyama?

Madithaala Sevai

Sister Wishes and Brother Fulfills!

Anonymous said...

Respected Senthil Kumar Swamin,

Adien is truly blessed by the grace of Sri Andal & Sri Rengamannar. The
photographs are wonderful and when I read the commentaries of Periazhwar
Mangalasasanam I felt I am at Srivilliputthur and tears trickled which I realised after I finished reading the whole commentary.

Varadaraja Dasan.