Tuesday, August 21, 2007

PeriyAzhwar - Hamsa Vahanam

After mangaLAsAsanam was over, the same day night, garuda sEva of five emperumAns including Sri Andal & PeriyAzhwar in Hamsa vAhanam was followed. First PeriyAzhwar came in Hamsa vAhanam by worshipping the five emperumAn's in Garuda sEvai. Through this event, we also got the opportunity of worshipping five emperumAns at same place in Garuda vahanam along with NaachiyAr (Sri ANdal) and Azhwar. Only at Sri Villiputtur and NaachiyAr Koil (Thiru Naraiyur), NaachiyAr rides along with Garuda sEvai of emperumAn!

The speciality of 5 Garuda sevai at Sri Villiputtur is that, one can have the bhAgyam of worshipping five emperumAn's along with NaachiyAr(Sri Andal) and Azhwar during Garuda Sevai. AdiyEn requests everyone to attend this at least once in your lifetime. To have a look at KAL GARUDA SEVAI at NaachiyAr koil please visit http://thirunaraiyur.blogspot.com/

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