Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Unnai kaNdAr enna nOnbu nORRAL kolO

The first perumAl who received mangaLAsAsanam from PeriyAzhwar was Sri Periyaperumal of Sri Vatapatra sayee temple. Azhwar was seated opposite to Sri Perumal. Once Perumal entered inside the pandhal, hArathi and prasAdhams, maryAdhai would be given to Azhwar. The left-side picutre was taken during the hArathi to Sri Periya Perumal. Watch out His wonderful soundaryam - can not be explained, by mere words! - by clicking the pictures.

Before receiving maryAdhai from Perumal, araiyar swamin on befalf of Azhwar performs mangaLAsAsanam to Perumal by reciting corresponding pAsurams. Once Azhwar completed mangaLAsAsanam, maryAdhai would be given to Azhwar. Azhwars pAsuram on SriVilliputtur as follows:
"minnanaiya nuNNidaiyAr virikuzhalmEl nuzhaintha vaNdu
innisaikkum villipuththur inithamarnthAi ! unnaikkaNdAr
yenna nOnbu nORRAL kolO ivanaipeRRa vayiRudaiyAl...." PeriyAzhwar Thirumozhi-2.2.6

What was the bhAgyam that we had or Did we done any penance to had this darshan of Sri PeriyaperumAL on that mangaLAsAsana day! nothing......!! After thinking over this, adiyEn was filled with tears on eyes. Oh Lord, please grant the same on all occasions!!!

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